What's the difference between Blokada and Blokada Slim?

What is Blokada Slim for Android?

Blokada is the original, full version of the app. You install it by downloading an apk file from our official sources.

Blokada Slim is a lightweight version of the app, available on Google Play. It offers some of the functionality of the full app (like encryption, DNS adblocking, and Blokada Plus), and also receives updates at the same time the main Blokada does.

Blokada Slim does not contain features that Google Play policy does not allow us to include, namely real time adblocking and in-app payments. It blocks ads through changing your DNS servers, which has a similar effect, but is less configurable.

Note that if you change the default DNS server choice in Blokada Slim, it may stop blocking ads (depending on if the new server you chose supports adblocking).

How to activate Blokada Plus when using Blokada Slim?

Activating Blokada Plus when using Blokada Slim is relatively easy, but it requires a few extra steps. Tap here to read more.

Can I switch to the full version of Blokada?

Yes! The original Blokada is free, and you can upgrade easily by installing our official apk. Tap here for details.