What's the difference between Blokada and Blokada Slim?

Blokada is the original version of the app. It’s available on our official website, blokada.org, as well as on F-Droid and XDA Labs. You can also find our official mirror links on our GitHub and BitBucket.

Blokada Slim is a simpler version of the main app, available on Google Playstore. It offers some of the functionality (like DNS changer and Blokada Plus), and also receives updates at the same time the main Blokada does. It does not contain features that Google Playstore policy does not allow us to include, namely adblocking and in-app payments (you need to activate your Blokada Plus account using our website instead).

Please note, all other sources outside of those mentioned above are unofficial and may be dangerous. We cannot give you any guarantee about the reliability of those downloads. They may even contain malware. Please download Blokada or Blokada Slim only from the sources mentioned above. We have seen impostors of our website before, so be careful.