A new VPN location & Blokada 5.2 update

Hi everyone, I hope you are well!

New Blokada Plus location: Amsterdam

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now live in Amsterdam!

Since some users reached out with good feedback about the Swedish network operator in Stockholm, we have chosen to expand this network with the first gateway in the Netherlands.

Blokada 5.2

As per our release schedule, today we released Blokada 5.2:

  • Blokada 5.2 for Android -> beta channel
  • Blokada 5.2 for iOS -> sent to Apple for review (takes a few days)

This release is mostly about new languages. The Android version also got a Quick Settings tile you’ve been asking for. More in the changelog.

Keep the feedback coming, and enjoy using Blokada!

Of course, Blokada 5 is still very new. If you experience any problems, share log with me at hello@blokada.org and describe your problem.

Blokada 4 will be available for a long time to come, and will receive updates.

If you are new to our forum, here are some links, in case you want to know more about Blokada 5:

Remember that using Blokada Plus or donating is what makes it possible for us to keep improving the app. Thanks!

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Hi there, where can I download beta 5.2 ? On blokada.org the downloaded version still is 5.1 ?

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There is a small link for the beta channel this is 5.2 beta download

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Ok, thanks. I didn’t see that.

It doesn’t look like this on my android.! Even when I click on “Read more” there isnt a link…

Can you show a screen shot of what you see?

Just posted an edit to my post.

Try view desktop site in your browser options perhaps that will help.

Yup that did it! Thanks a lot I didnt even think to do that! Appreciate you!

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A small update, Blokada 5.2 now landed in the stable channel.


As per the bi-weekly schedule, another update 5.2.1 lands today in the beta channel. This is a maintenance release, with fresh blocklists and the newest translations.