The release schedule for Blokada apps

Blokada 5 just become available as a stable release on both Android and iOS, and it’s a good time to introduce a regular release schedule for all Blokada apps, to make things more organised.

From now on, we’ll try to stick to one release window each Friday before noon CEST.

This means that any release can be expected only during that time of the week, and that we will attempt to have regular releases. These releases don’t have to include big features every time, and there might be exceptions for quick hotfix releases for priority bugs, but overall we will try to stick to the schedule, including any open source contributions.

Every new release will have go through a beta phase and will be released only to beta channels first. Read more about our release channels here. The beta phase will last for one week, and if everything is alright, it’ll be promoted to stable phase on next Friday.

Furthermore, we will alternate Android and iOS releases every week, to make sure both platforms are developed evenly.

To make it easier to visualise, here is an example schedule:

Friday 1 Friday 2 Friday 3 Friday 4
Android X.X: beta Android X.X: stable Android X.Y: beta Android X.Y: stable

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Im having trouble with the immediate wifi Switch from stable to zilch but this system is absolutely immaculate you’ve changed my life 4 the better, please contact me id love to meet you if that’s even a possibility lol again thank you so much