Blokada 5.19 now in beta & fresh TestFlight beta for iOS

Hi everyone, I hope you are well!

The updates

As per our release schedule, today we are releasing the following updates:

  • Blokada 5.19 for Android (beta) →
  • Blokada 6 for iOS (private TestFlight beta) →
    • Test Flight (in review)

Some exciting news today for you, read on.

Blokada 5.19 beta

This is a scheduled maintenance release released now to our Android beta channel. If you are using this channel, you should be getting an update notification soon.

This release also introduces a new blocklist: Cyber Threats Coalition.

Blokada is back on Google Play

Our changes to the store listing descriptions have been approved by Google. The 5.18 version is rolling out to all Google Play installs as we speak, you should be receiving it momentarily.

Blokada 6 beta for iOS

As mentioned in our previous announcements, we have been working on a big update to our iOS app. The reason we started with iOS, is because the current version for this platform had some major problems after the OS updates Apple has introduced with iOS 14.5.

To solve these problems, we are now introducing Blokada Cloud as a standard to the Blokada for iOS app. This is a major change, so it’s going to take a while before the UX is polished.

That said, we are now pushing the early preview of Blokada 6 for iOS to the beta Test Flight channel. It may take a few days for the approval process. However, if you are interested in testing out this release, please reach out to me on PM (or at Please note the number of slots is limited and they’ll be dispatched on first-come first-served basis.

Then of course, once the iOS release is stable, we are going to work on bringing Blokada Cloud to our Android app as well.

As a reminder, you can check this intro guide for a quick how-to on Blokada Cloud beta.

The usual notes

You can perform a test of your adblocking configuration by visiting this link:

As usual we updated the blocklists, and translations. We also made some minor bugfixes. More in the changelog.

Keep the feedback coming, and enjoy using Blokada!

The recap

Just to recap, if you haven’t been following our announcements closely, here are some shortcuts for the newest cool stuff we introduced:

Remember that using Blokada Plus or donating is what makes it possible for us to keep improving the app. Thanks!

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@Karol , thanks for listing me on this beta preview.
The cloud ad blocking works like a charm, but I can’t connect to the Dubai gateway where I currently live. the other gateway is working without any issues. it’s not a big deal since the other gateway is working flawlessly, but I will be more glad if I can use the Dubai gateway.

This issue should have been resolved, let us know if you’re still facing issues.


yes, the gateway is working without any issues, thanks for your support.

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