Blokada 5.20 for Android & Blokada 6.2 for iOS

Hi everyone, I hope you are well!

The updates

We’ve got a bit out of sync with our release schedule lately. The reason was that we were working hard on some major updates for iOS to get things working well on this platform. Today we are releasing the following updates for both platforms:

  • Blokada 5.20 for Android (stable) →
    • (available)
    • Google Play (available once reviewed)
    • Samsung Galaxy Store (available once reviewed)
    • Huawei App Gallery (available once reviewed)
  • Blokada 6.2 for iOS (stable) →
    • Test Flight (available once reviewed)

Blokada 5.20 stable

This is a maintenance release coming out now to all our channels. This release brings updates to the blocklists as you were asking for it lately, as well as other minor bugfixes.

It is also first release that is targeting API 30, which is a requirement for Google Play now. Because of that, we had to add a new permission in order to still be able to read app list (and that’s necessary for the app bypass feature).

Blokada is back on Google Play

Our changes to the store listing descriptions have been approved by Google. The 5.20 version is available already, however the permission mentioned above was missing. We have now updated a fix with 5.20.1, which should be available in a few days (once Google approves it).

Blokada 6.2 for iOS

We can proudly say that Blokada on iOS is finally on par with the Android version, bringing you the features and stability. The 6.1 release was all about stability and good app performance, while in the release 6.2, we have been working on improving the UI.

There is a whole set of new UI tweaks and improvements in this release, including full iPad support, any screen size (including split screen) support, device selector and other improvements to the Activity tab, and much much more.

We really hope you will like the improved UI, and as usual, are open to any feedback you may have.

As a reminder, you can check this intro guide for a quick how-to on Blokada Cloud beta.

The usual notes

You can perform a test of your adblocking configuration by visiting this link:

As usual we updated the blocklists, and translations. We also made some minor bugfixes. More in the changelog.

Keep the feedback coming, and enjoy using Blokada!

The recap

Just to recap, if you haven’t been following our announcements closely, here are some shortcuts for the newest cool stuff we introduced:

Remember that using Blokada Plus or donating is what makes it possible for us to keep improving the app. Thanks!

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Can you manually add individual blocked entries in this release? If not, I have to stick to release 4 which allows me to; plus 4 is also user friendly on amazon firestick which 5 is not…
Thanks for the work u do.


Thank you for the update. Excited to check out the new functions.

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Great news. I’m looking forward to testing 6.2 new features and see if I can use it instead of the Wireguard app with the same stability.
Is there a way to have access to it? Testflight maybe? I can only see the 6.1 in there.

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@Mushin9999 Nope sorry, this hasn’t arrived yet. Thank you for kind words!

@Manibengood thank you!

@pastfuturism Yep it’s available now (they reviewed it and accepted).

I still can’t find it. The 6.1 version is still the last available on Test Flight. Am I doing something wrong?

It’s just live, no need to use TestFlight.

Oh sorry, now I got it. Great UI improvements. I’m loving the gradient orange on the home page.

I’ll test it out to see if I still have disconnections issues with it (I was using the Wireguard app until then) and will make you a feedback.

That is very nice to have the devices used with Blokada appearing in the app, though. Good job for that.