Blokada DNS available for everyone (Blokada 5.4 update)

Hi everyone, I hope you are well!

Blokada DNS

We are very excited to announce, that Blokada 5.4 includes our brand new dns service, called Blokada DNS. All you have to do in order to use it, is to select it in Advanced -> Encryption -> DNS. Also, make sure DNS over HTTPS is enabled (Settings -> This device).

Blokada DNS is free for everyone. Tap here to learn more about it and the benefits. Just keep in mind, it is beta and you may experience some mishaps.

Blokada 5.4

As per our release schedule, today we released Blokada 5.4 and Blokada 4.8.6:

  • Blokada 5.4 for Android -> stable channel
  • Blokada 5.4 for iOS -> sent to Apple for review (takes a few days)
  • Blokada 4.8.6 for Android -> stable channel

This release includes Blokada DNS, as mentioned above, and several various fixes and improvements. On Android, You’ll also notice a new section (Advanced -> My Blocklists), where you can see and manage the hosts you have manually allowed or blocked.

Finally, as usual we updated the blocklists, and translations. Additionally, we added some brand new blocklists to the apps. This also applies to Blokada 5.4 for iOS and Blokada 4.8.6 for Android. More in the changelog.

Keep the feedback coming, and enjoy using Blokada!

Of course, Blokada 5 is still very new. If you experience any problems, share log with me at and describe your problem.

Blokada 4 will be available for a long time to come, and will receive updates.

If you are new to our forum, here are some links, in case you want to know more about Blokada 5:

Remember that using Blokada Plus or donating is what makes it possible for us to keep improving the app. Thanks!

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Bonjour ! Blokada DNS 5.4 et 4.8.6 c’est très difficile je n’ai pas compris et très compliqué voulez vous s’il vous plais le faire à ma place ! Merci et Bonne journée.

Hamid Le Big Boss

On the Internet the feedback is only 5.2 actually blocks the advertisements, is this true or have you fixed the issue with other programs.

I don’t really know where you’ve read that but every blokada has the capability of blocking ads

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Thanks for the version :slight_smile:
I have a question regarding the “own blocklists”-part.
I didn’t find a point/button to add something :smiley:

EDIT: I am fine and found similiar post :smiley: