Where can I download Blokada?

Blokada 6 for iOS

Blokada 6 for iOS is available on the official App Store.


Blokada 5 for Android

Download at blokada.org (our official website)

F-Droid (slow updates)

Please note, these source may receive updates at different times. To switch from one download source to another, you will have to uninstall first.

Blokada 5 Slim for Android


Blokada Slim is a lightweight version of the app. Read more about the differences.

Blokada Cloud for android

(only for Plus or cloud subscribers)


Blokada 5: beta channel

You may enroll to the beta channel to receive updates and new features earlier. Currently, we only make beta releases for Android. You may need to uninstall your current version first.

Blokada 5 beta channel apk

Blokada 4 (and older)

The lastest Blokada 4 is always available on our homepage. You can find our older releases in our GitHub repository.


Please note, all other sources outside of those mentioned above are unofficial and may be dangerous.

We cannot give you any guarantee about the reliability of those downloads. They may even contain malware. Please download Blokada or Blokada Slim only from the sources mentioned above. We have seen impostors of our website before, so be careful.


I think I noticed an inconsistency in the quoted section. The F-Droid link supposedly should point to Blokada 5 on F-Droid, but actually points to Blokada 4 on F-Droid. Blokada 5 on F-Droid is available at https://f-droid.org/packages/org.blokada.fem.fdroid/ , but that link is not mentioned in the article above.

Fortunately, that link is mentioned on your frontpage under “Android → Blokada 5 for Android → Open F-Droid” (indirectly via a forwarding target). So I felt comfortable installing that Blokada 5 package from F-Droid.

But would be great if the link could be updated in the text above; cc @karol, and thank you :black_heart:

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Is uninstalling v4.15.0 before installing v5.17 required? I’m asking because I get an unknown error installing apk downloaded manually as well when using Fdroid.
V4 is not activated and stopped by brute force. I’m running Android 11 on Samsung A70, not rooted.
v5 Slim in Google Play Store results also to the same error.

Unfortunately you have to uninstall v4 and reboot before you can install v5, specifically for upgrading the f-droid version of 4.

Indeed no problems installing v5 after uninstall of v4. (Even without reboot.)

Link for full app is 404

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Blokada Slim now promts you to download the full version automatically as soon as you open the app.
Otherwise feel free to uninstall it and install v5 from blokada.org