Blokada on F Droid

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Blokada used to be available on F-Droid but was removed some time ago. I recommend performing a search before posting? Simply searching for F-Droid gives a lot of useful results with background information.

The only 2 official sources to download Blokada are:

  • Our website for Blokada 5

  • Google Play Store for Blokada 6

Blokada 5 used to be available on Fdroid, but they shared a compromised release that affected Blokada’s performance

Ok thanks, don’t need to be rude

Maybe you can try again on F Droid, I think they changed it somehow because the AdAway updates came later on F Droid now than on their GitHub

You are welcome. I consider not performing a search in advance rude.

BTW. If you flag posts please use the proper category. Don’t see any spam there.