Blokada 5 Slim for Android available on Google Play

Hi everyone, I hope you are well.

We have just published an open beta track for our Google Play version of the app (Blokada Slim).

It means, soon you will be able to install Blokada 5 Slim from Google Play, by selecting the beta track.

We are excited to provide you this new version, and we hope you will like it even more than Blokada 4. If you are new here, and haven’t heard about Blokada 5, it’s our new, fully reworked version we have been beta testing for a few weeks now. It is now stable enough to start making it available for everyone.

This page may be useful for you, if you are Blokada Slim user:

Everything about Blokada 5 development and roadmap (changelog here):

And finally, if you are new here, we invite you to sign up and join our forums!


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Boa tarde tenho o blokada no celular mas no computador não estou conseguindo instalar poderiam me ajudar .

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