Not working on Samsung Galaxy 10+

Will v5 work on Samsung Galaxy 10+ running Android 10?
So far, it does not!
Steve N.

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did you contact us on Telegram as well?

No, I did not. I only replied to the email I got.

I installed Blokada 4.8 on my S10+ running Android 10 and it worked for a few days, then just stopped working. I no longer got the key icon on the notification bar and ads came back.

I installed Blokada 5 beta and that didn’t work either, giving this error message:
Could not establish the VPN. Please restart your device or remove Blokada VPN profile in system settings and try again.
(Debug info: Tunnel failure: getPackageUid: Neither user 10906 nor current process has android.permission.INTERACT)

It still works on my S9+ running Android 9.

Has this Blokada 5 been fixed to work on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ running Android 10?

Thank you in advance.

Steve Newell.

Ahh, okay, please read this article:)

Thank you for the reply.

I saw that on your site. Followed the All Devices suggestion, all 3 steps. That did not work. Blokada still would not activate.

As for the Samsung bug. I am not using the “restricted user” feature so 1. There shouldn’t be an issue, and
2. I shouldn’t have to use “adb”.

As for the workaround, although I am far from a noob as far as PCs and Android Phones are concerned, I gave up rooting and jailbreaking my devices years ago. So, I am currently unfamiliar with what “adb” actually is.
Perhaps you would be so kind as to point me in the right direction as to what it is and how to use it?
Is it an app? PC program?
Do I need a rooted S10+?
If I use adb will Knox be triggered?
(one of the main reasons I have up rooting my android phones. I need full functionality with Samsung Pass and Pay!)

Thank you for any help you may give me on this issue.


Steve N.

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Here is the error message I get after installing Blokada 5 just now on a Samsung Galaxy s10+ running Android 10.

There is no restricted user profile on my phone.

Thank you,


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This looks like the restricted user issue indeed. Sadly we can’t do anything as app developer, only wait for Samsung to release another update that fixes it.

Maybe you are using this feature not knowing about it? Is your phone corporate?

Are other vpn apps working fine for you?

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Hello larkapal :slightly_smiling_face:
Have you put your phone in advanced mode?
You go into settings - About the mobile - to the OS that your mobile has and press 10 times. This is what it looks like on my phone :arrow_down:


Thank you, Karl.

I do not have a corporate phone.
There is no restricted user or work profile on my phone. I’m the only user.
I use Psiphon Pro as a VPN and that works fine.

Can I use this adb fix without triggering Knox, can anyone tell me, please?

And please tell me how to go about that fix.

Thank you all, I’m very grateful for the help.

Steve N.

Thank you, fd_svensson,

If you mean Developer Mode on my Samsung S10+ running Android 10, then yes, I am.
You press 7 times on the Build Number in Settings-About phone-Software Information to enter Developer Mode.


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Which version of Psiphon Pro are you using?

Psiphon Pro Version 301.
Regularly updated from the Play Store.

Great news!

I’ve just installed Samsung’s latest update (Security Update Sept. 1st) and Blokada works perfectly on it. Obviously, Samsung did indeed fix that VPN bug with its latest security update.

Just to let you know, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+, running Android 10, Security Patch 1st September 2020.

This was not an automatic update. I was not prompted to install it even though I have auto download enabled. (Just so people know.) I had to manually get the phone to look for it!
I found it through Settings_Biometrics and security_Security Update.
You may also find it through Settings_Software Update.

Thank you for all your help.

Steve N.