Blokada 5.5 released

Hi everyone, I hope you are well!

Blokada 5.5

As per our release schedule, today we released Blokada 5.5:

  • Blokada 5.5 for Android -> stable channel
  • Blokada 5.5 for iOS -> sent to Apple for review (takes a few days)

Blokada 4.8.7 will be released on Monday this time.

This release includes a new blocklist Exodus Privacy (only on Android), which was requested by you for a while now. Except of that, we improved the Activity screen and made it preserve the content when the app UI is closed and reopened.

Just to recap, if you haven’t been following our announcements closely, here are some shortcuts for the newest cool stuff we introduced:

Finally, as usual we updated the blocklists, and translations. We also made some minor bugfixes. More in the changelog.

Keep the feedback coming, and enjoy using Blokada!

Of course, Blokada 5 is still very new. If you experience any problems, share log with me at and describe your problem.

Blokada 4 will be available for a long time to come, and will receive updates.

If you are new to our forum, here are some links, in case you want to know more about Blokada 5:

Remember that using Blokada Plus or donating is what makes it possible for us to keep improving the app. Thanks!

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great program. really block what it says.


Thank you @Big_D_Velo for these kind words:)!

I can’t find anywhere options to purchase your premium plan. Will u please tell me the costs, and if there is a one time fee we can pay and it’s done.

Here you go: How to activate Blokada Plus?

How do I confirm my Blokada version? I got a notification for the update but I didn’t run any apk, so I’m unsure if it was updated or not…

Go to Settings -> This device -> tap on the last line in that screen (about the channel). If this does not cause to pop up the update dialog, you have the newest. You can also find the actual version in the log.

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For the first time [Android] user the choice of Blokada options is a bit baffling! I just need one idiot-proof solution please!

Can it get any simpler than:

  1. Install Blokada 5 from
  2. Activate

Tks. I take it that it makes no difference whether I select .apk or open F-droid (and avoid beta)

It doesn’t, just don’t try to use both sources as it leads to incompatibilities because of different signatures.