Blokada 5 for Android promoted to public beta

Hello everyone, I hope you are well.

So after some intensive testing and feedback from our community, as per our roadmap we now moved to the next stage - the public beta.

Everyone now can download Blokada 5 for Android from our official website:

Please keep in mind this is still an early preview, and may contain bugs. We are discussing all things related to Blokada 5 (and welcome you to join) in this thread:

Please report back, on any issues you experience (or if you don’t experience any!). We’ll be releasing updates quite often in the coming weeks. Blokada 5 already has a built in notification system for the then releases, so just try to stay up to date.

What are the goals of Blokada v5?

  • Have a more intuitive, and simpler UI and UX
    • Eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed some users reported
    • Eliminate the misunderstanding between the free and plus accounts
    • Improve the navigation to not cause cognitive dissonance
  • Have the same look and feel for both Android and iOS (while respecting platform specifics)
  • Address the tricky longstanding problems of Blokada v4, like:
    • Slow startup / switch on-off
    • Problems with staying alive
    • Obscure bugs
  • Rewrite and simplify the codebase to allow for a more robust code:
    • Easier to understand and find your way
    • Less bug prone, more predictable
    • Cut out bloat and legacy stuff that accumulated over the years
    • Easier to make contributions, possibly in the form of plugins

I had to take down the download link for a while, but now it’s up again. Have a look!

I get Tunnel failure on Samsung s10e. It’s not working

Ok, please send log (in top right menu) to

Please, I realise version 5 at the mo is a beta version and I get that you are in the process of getting everything transferred from version 4 to 5 and that you are wanting to make both the Android version and the iOS version identical as much as you can but please can you hurry up and put the always on, boot on start up back in urgently as these two options are the only way fire TV devices would work you not including em right from the get go makes the fire TV devices limited to use the blokada version 5 program you may say go back to version 4.8.1 but again saying that would get rid of the settings I had prior to the update to 5.0.7 so please can you bring a fix out for the fire TV devices because when the fire TV restarts itself back on when it should be automatically switching back on anyway also can you make the fire TV remote make it switch on and off like the version 4 as you have to keep using a mouse or mini keyboard to do it, Apart from those issues the main one being the always on and boot up from start options the fire TV remote is working with everything but the on off switch oh also it isn’t working the scrolling to select by pass apps on the fire TV devices so please fix these issues as it is not on that you bring out a beta and not tell us to use it on fire TV devices