Can I block YouTube ads using Blokada?

Blocking ads on YT is very hard because Google uses encryption and randomly generated hosts to serve the ads. From our experience, Blokada may decrease the amount of ads in the YouTube ads, but does not remove all of them. In particular, video ads cannot be removed.

There are a few steps you can take to improve your experience though.

GoodbyeAds YouTube blocklist

Since some time there is a new list, maintained by Jerryn70, with the purpose to block more ads on YouTube. There are mixed reports on its effectiveness, so our recommendation is to try it yourself, and see if it works for you.

Blokada 5 (Android and iOS)

  • Open Advanced tab
  • Choose Goodbye Ads
  • Select YouTube
  • Go back to Advanced tab. Switch Goodbye Ads on.
  • That’s it! Make sure Blokada is active in Libre (blue ring) or Plus (orange ring) mode.

Blokada 4 for Android

  • Open bottom menu
  • Navigate to AdblockingHosts lists
  • Select Goodbye Ads YouTube
  • Make sure Blokada is active.

Blokada Slim

There is no such setting in Blokada Slim. Consider migrating to full Blokada (it’s free).

Alternative YouTube app (Android only)

NewPipe and YouTube Vanced (discontinued) are featureful, great alternatives to the official YouTube application. You may want to check them out, to see if any of them fits you.


I must say that jerryn70 has done very well with Youtube. Yes it’s advertising but very reduced. Tested to turn it off for Youtube once. Once, never again.


I found this open-source ad-skipper that prevents some trouble (on yt).

An other alternative is to use You Tube Vanced.
It’s free - and free of ADs.
After installation you should deactivate (or delete, if possible) the original You Tube, and select You Tube Vanced as your favorite video player.

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Using the Brave browser effectively removes most youtube ads.

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