Can I block YouTube and Spotify ads?

Coming from AdBlock Plus in iOS, where I lost it, since it is not available anymore in AppStore, and got a new phone, which I couldn’t use my backup, I am really disappointed that Blokada cannot block both YouTube and Spotify ads.

I read some other posts about how hard it is, but I know that AdBlock did it very well and for 5+ years I was using it, I didn’t watch or hear a single ad from these two apps.

I tried to enable all available Lists, but didn’t work.

I would love to buy the premium and support this app, but I can find many free options for “normal” ads. My priorities are YouTube and Spotify, cause if I cannot block these two, why pay Blockada and not them, to remove ads…?

So, is there a way to make it work?

Here you go:

Hi PrintableCharacter and thank you for your reply.
However as I already wrote, AdBlock Plus, a VPN app I had on my previous phone, was working perfectly, so there is a way.
Also, if you try uBlock Origin, a Firefox/Chrome plug in, works perfectly for YouTube too.

Hence, Blokada is missing something, the others don’t.

That might not be the case, it might simply be that we opted against HTTPS filtering which other applications perform in order to get rid of ads and placeholders
And here’s why we did so:

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You have an Android device and never heard of YouTube Vanced? A reversed engineered app that gives you all premium features minus downloading and ad free, for free? Theres also YouTube Music with the same perks.

Google “Vanced Manager”

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