Blocked+ skipped apps

I started Blokada+ membership before, there was an option to skip some applications in the Android free application. I couldn’t find it in Blokada+, and how to make the best ad blocking settings for Blokada+. Is there a way for in-video ads? For example, for youtube and facebook video ads, I would appreciate if you guide me as I am a beginner in Blokada application.

sorry for the translation i don’t know english i translated it with translate hope you can understand me

Hi there,
The Guides → FAQ section should be a good way to start your journey.
Here’s a selection I made for you:

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Is there any app skipping in ios, especially when vpn is open, banking and bitcoin apps give errors because of vpn, I want these apps to bypass the block, but I couldn’t find such a setting in ios app

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