Blokada no longer block twitch ads

Apple Ios

Recently i updated my twitch app and noticed that ads are going through blokada. This seems to have happened in the most recent update.
I attempted to try to narrow down where the ads were coming from the incoming block/grant access from blokada but was unable to narrow it down.

I turned on all advanced features perhaps fixing the ads but for some reason it has not.

Any ideas tips? Tricks?

I know twitch is finally starting to hammer down on ads and bypassing them but not sure if they pushed out their greed tactics to mobile app.

Feel free to ask me more questions and i will do my best to provide more information.

Thank you,

What host(s) lists are you using?

These are the hosts i am currently using

your supposed to use only a couple of lists not all, your phone’s memory cannot load all of them. For starters use, OISD, if it fails to block ads, enable 1Hosts. Make sure to clear the app cache in the apps you see ads in.

Why didn’t they rely on the undisputed Energized Ultimate from the first place…

I just turned off a few of the privacy ones and left only the adblocker ones up.

I am still recieving ads.
I deleted and redownloades the app store as well.

Anyone care to give some insight?

No luck :frowning:

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