Blokada Cloud stopped working


I have a blokada plus account which is valid until next year september. I use blokada cloud on 2 devices.

Today I noticed that ads are not blocked anymore.
Not on my Poco F2 Pro with android 12 miui 12.6, and not on my Mi 9 with android 11 miui 12.5
When I look into the cloud dashboard there is activity but nothing is blocked altough 3 blocklists are active : Covid 19, OISD, and Goodbye Ads.

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Did you set the cloud address as your doh dns in your system settings?

Yes, the cloud adress is set as private dns in system settings. In the cloud dashboard, under the activity tab, I can see the the traffic is being processed through blokada cloud, but everything is green. Nothing is blocked. Its like the blocklists are not applied.

Please do the following. Visit this page on your device that is configured to use Blokada Cloud: Ad Blocker Test

Please check what score are you getting, and if you see any blocked entries in the activity log.

If not, please try to reselect your blocklists (for example, deselect the one you have, select another one, and then go back after a few seconds).

Ad blocker test page result is 11%.
Same result after selecting other blocklists.
In the activity log there are no blocked entries. Non at all.

Maybe you can try with my private dns host name on your device if you have android ?


Please send your account ID to with a reference to this topic and we will take a look at your account :slight_smile:

Ok, already done.

I just tested using adguard hostname, and all adds are blocked. So the problem is not my phone but must be a blokada cloud problem.

Hi, same here. Zero calls are blocked in activity tab.
Only allowed ones are logged.
Tried to change other blocklists - same.
Phone: op6

Hi, could you double check if it seems to be working now?
We addressed a bug in the service today.

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nice, posted this post, checked and it works :slight_smile: thanks

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Thanks for the quick fix.

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