Cloud down?

My devices don’t show on the app.Blokada website and nothing is blocked on my devices.

It happens on two devices, galaxy smartphone and Galaxy tab both running one UI 4.1
I believe it’s been a day now or less.

Any info / comment welcome


Are you using blokada cloud?
Is it set as your DNS in your private dns system settings?

Yes. Blokada cloud on both devices.
Both are set correctly.

I rebooted both devices but it doesn’t change anything.

Is your subscription still active?

Yes. It says 65 days remaining :frowning:

Weird. We’ve just checked. There’s no recorded issue on our DoT and DoH infrastructure.
Please contact us using the in-app chat bot or via email so we can assist you further.

I will. Thank you

I see that your account was configured as “paused”, this usually means it was powered off in the iOS app, and it will be synced between all your devices that use this account once you pause it there.

It is unpaused for now so everything should work fine, to start logging activity again, you need to go into the dashboard activity and activate it yourself.

Let me know if this helps,

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