Important announcement regarding Blokada for iOS

Hi everyone, I hope you are well.

As you may already know, we have just started rolling out a major update to Blokada for iOS (v6). This is a staged rollout, so it will take several days until it reaches everyone - if you don’t see it yet, it means you just need to wait a bit more.

The big change in v6 is that it is introducing our new Blokada Cloud solution, and dropping the Libre solution. We are aware it may seem like a suboptimal decision, but there are strong reasons why we had to do it. We have been also announcing the coming change on our weekly announcements. Please read on for some context on the situation.

Libre vs Cloud vs Plus

There are three modes that Blokada can work in. The Libre mode, the Cloud mode, and the Plus mode.

The Libre mode is still free, of course. This is the on-device adblocking mechanism. It’s how Blokada started many years ago, and it’s still working fine on Android (despite being a bit of a hack). The Plus mode is our VPN, and you may be familiar with it, as it was available for quite some time already.

However, earlier this year Apple has introduced several breaking changes to iOS, which made Libre mode unreliable or even not work at all (depending on apps you are using). We received numerous reports from our users and some bad reviews.

We’ve been working on this problem for many weeks, and the only reliable solution we found is the approach we took in Blokada Cloud. This moves the filtering and processing to the cloud instead of on your device. From the perspective of your device, it is just another (encrypted) DNS, which makes it very reliable and fast. However, it will cost us money and resources to maintain.

The new plan

That’s why we introduced a new cheaper subscription for Blokada Cloud. Also we offer a trial period to eligible regions for trying things out before buying. The Cloud subscription also brings other benefits, such as a web dashboard to manage all your devices across your different platforms (and you can connect unlimited amount of them).

Also, please note that the Plus subscription contains Blokada Cloud as well. Any existing Plus user already has access to all Cloud features.

Last but not least, we do not sell any data of our users and have no intention doing so. There is also no ads revenue (obviously). We have no other forms of income outside of the subscriptions and donations.

Thank you for using Blokada, and we hope you can stay with us.

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Hi there
I am one of your application user and it was working not so perfect but good till two days ago and I made the the big mistake in updating the app on my iPhone 7 plus and when it was finished I was surprised that it became with anual fees. So I decided to remove the application from my device and i did it, then I restarted the device and i was shocked to see the application show up again on home screen and tried to delete it several times and no way to remove it. And even though the app is not working and not starting and not able to delete it.
So it is a a big failure to you and your app.

Hi there,
We can’t forcefully “stick” an app to a device. That’s simply impossible. This sounds like an iOS error to me. Here’s the apple support resource regarding the uninstall process of apps