Do I have a Blokada account?

Yes! The moment you start the app, your unique account is generated for you. You don’t need to register, or remember any passwords.

This novel approach seems to be causing some confusion, so that’s why we would like to mention a few important facts.


Your account ID is associated with your Apple ID, so it follows you on all devices you sign in on with your Apple ID.

This way, you don’t have to do anything to share your Blokada Plus subscription between your own devices. If it did not sync, tap restore purchase on the Blokada Plus screen.


Here are a few notes:

  • You can always see your account in Menu -> Blokada Plus -> My Blokada Plus
  • Your avatar is generated from your account ID so that you can easily remember it’s yours. You cannot change the avatar.
  • By tapping on your avatar, you can see your account ID.
  • Your Account ID is secret, and you should keep it to yourself.
  • Do not share your account ID with anyone but the Blokada Team using our official channels on Telegram, Keybase, email or support center.
  • If you reinstall the app, your account will reset. To restore your old account, use the Restore Account button in Menu -> Blokada Plus -> My Blokada Plus