Blokada Cloud "For Android" ( What should I expect? )

Hello all,

As you all know, Blokada Cloud for Android is coming out soon so we wanted to give some details about what the update is going to have. This is what you should know:

  • First, you have certainly noticed that Google takes out Blokada from its play store frequently so we have solved Google’s worries with cloud-based filtering in Blokada Cloud.

  • The current Blokada app (Blokada 5) will still exist and be developed, and it will stay free.

  • A new Blokada app will be released alongside, called Blokada Cloud. This app will only contain the Cloud and Plus services, and will not have the Libre free mode. This is an attempt to address Google banning our apps and make this app available in full version on Google Play.

  • Blokada 4 will still exist as it is today, with some minor maintenance updates coming out. No new developments have been done for this version for over a year.

  • Only google in-app purchases from within the app will be available in the Blokada 6 release, which in turn solves some earlier user requests:

    • paying in local currencies
    • subscription management (upgrade / downgrade etc)
    • easy to restore access in case of re-install
  • There have been many requests about providing more detailed analytics to cloud users on future updates now made possible with the cloud solution

You may think “why not keep using the free version instead of Blokada Cloud?”, well these are some of the benefits of having Blokada Cloud:

  • No noticeable effect on device speed and network speed
  • No battery drain
  • Much more reliable and stable compared to the free solution
  • No need to run our app in the background
  • Possible to use Blokada VPN through the Wireguard app (on any platform) and have the adblocking out of the box
  • Any device supporting DNS over HTTPS or DNS over TLS protocols can be used
  • Ability to manage the configuration of all connected devices remotely from our dashboard

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have,


So… Just for the record: That’s been called v6 internally, right?


I have a Blokada Plus subscription. Will I be able to activate the vpn from within the Blokada cloud app ?

Yes, you will be able to activate it from the “Blokada Cloud” app

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Perfect :slight_smile:

Can we use our current subscription in the new app ?

Of course, you just need to use the same account ID on the new app.

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Ok, thanks very much. Perfect solution for me :slight_smile:

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What does this mean for those of us on de-googled phones who can’t pay through the play store?

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For de-googled devices, it would be only possible to purchase Blokada Plus package through the dashboard The only way to activate a Cloud subscription is through google in-app purchase.

When Blokada 6 (Cloud) is released will a One Year Subscription to Blokada Plus 5 be transferred?

Also, previously with Wireguard implementation of Blokada 5+ VPN on Windows 10, ads blocked but local LAN could no longer access MFC WiFi printer.

(Printer disappeared from installed devices. Probably subnet isolation but couldn’t find workaround to enable Blokada VPN on PC local area network.)

Looking forward to Blokada 6 if these two issues are addressed in advance.

The same account ID can be restore in the new app, Blokada Plus will remain. Blokada Plus also includes the Blokada Cloud features.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll take this into consideration :blush:

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This may sound stupid, but is Blokada Cloud (minus the paid Blokada Plus features) a free service?

If so, is it possible to migrate from Blokada Libre to Blokada Cloud? Would this mean my custom settings (called “exceptions” in the Blokada 5 interface) would migrate to the cloud and be synched across different devices using the same Blokada Cloud account? I’m assuming that it is currently impossible to synch the “exceptions” list across multiple devices using Blokada 5 Libre.

Blokada cloud is a paid service however its been sold separately from blokada+ in the past as well.
Last time I checked on ios it was 19,99$ annually.
It does indeed enable you to use Blokada adblocking on nearly all your devices and to manage your blocklists as well as exceptions online.

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Possibility of trying out Blokada cloud on 1 of 4 devices as 2 are v5 , 2 v4 (oppo) . Blokada plus customer already. My problems might be using cloud blocking is it still possible to still bypass selected apps with cloud ± wiregaurd. Maybe i dont really fully understand. Thanks.


Hi, same question here. I think blocking specific apps will not be possible with blokada cloud. Is this correct? Maybe one of the insiders can give a feedback. Thank you all for the great work!


Hi there

Blokada v5 doesn’t save the settings the same way that v6 does, thus no settings will remain. Same with the number of blocked ads counter.

Bypassing apps will not work in Blokada Cloud as the filtering doesn’t happen on the device itself. You can however allow/block certain domains

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Hi, I have really no idea how bypassing an app can work in my setting.

I changed Settings → Network & Internet → Advanced → Private DNS and filled in the account-specific hostname.
Selecting blocklists, seeing activity etc is working very well.
In addition I use wireguard with my blokada conf-file.

But with or without wireguard: to bypass specific apps seems seems not possible to me, since there is no blokada app on the device to select /allow apps.

May be I missed something, probably I have to wait for the new blokada cloud app?!


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Please check my updated reply.

In response to your answer about blokada cloud and bypassing apps, my main problem is that blokada does not have a server in my country, and banking apps etc are the problem as my nearest server is London, Manchester. With that i look forward to trying out V6, Although im still unsure about setting up wiregaurg. Thanks.