Blokada Cloud "For Android" ( What should I expect? )

@Airfoil, @Reda_Labdaoui

Could using MicroG be a viable solution for Blokada Cloud on degoogled phones?

PS: incidentally, how do you degoogle a phone?

I’m not sure about MicorG supporting paid apps on a degoogled phone. (kinda of counter productive of having a degoogled phone).

I am using CalyxOS (with MicroG) as my degoogled phone. It is basically a AOSP with most of the privacy issues addressed.

On a side note: I’m looking for another vpn w/ad blocker as Blokada is nice but their paid vpn’s are crazy slow (like < 5mbs).

If you’re willing to pay, there’s always AdGuard or Windscribe. Windscribe actually has a pretty great free VPN with adblocking, BUT it has limited traffic, so you can’t use it full time, you need to measure out exactly how much data you use while logged so you won’t run out of VPN encrypted data for the month; you also have a limited number of DNS filter lists you can subscribe to, and the number of specific domains you can manually block is limited too; with a paid Windscribe plan, you can navigate freely without having to worry about data usage, and you can add as many custom DNS filter rules you want, plus you have more lists you can subscribe to. With AdGuard you can block content without VPN or vice-versa, and it actually blocks content using the most advanced syntax I know of, instead of just being a DNS filter, which it can also double as — and it can also be used as a firewall and/or as a userscript injector. But personally, I’d stick with Blokada, they’ve earned my consumer fidelity: I’ve never used Windscribe’s consumer support, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about it; AdGuard’s, I’ve experienced first hand and I’d rate it -4.5 stars in a scale from 0 to +5. Also, Blokada is open source, pretty sure the others aren’t; and Blokada Plus’s prices are probably the lowest, though Windscribe’s are petty low themselves (and they’re the only company I actually enjoy receiving e-mails from). While I don’t use Blokada VPN myself, I’m sure if the speeds are that low that must be because you’re experiencing technical difficulties rather than because the service is bad. Try to contact the mods here and see if they can solve your problem, before you consider changing service providers (but if you do, I’d recommend Windscribe or AdGuard, depending on whether your first priority is a good VPN (Windscribe’s is better than AdGuard’s) or a good content blocker (AdGuard’s is better than Windscribe’s)).

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