Blokada Slim is banned from the Play Store! (AGAIN)

Google unlisted Blokada Slim again, it’s because they stopped allowing the permissions for the “free” Blokada to work properly.

Our app requires to grant permissions that google now has on their “special list” and does not allow for most apps, but this has happened many times before with Blokada Slim and the reason is almost always the same, they claim we violate their policy terms:

Blokada Slim has a long history of being taken out from the Play store many times over the last years.

We are working to get it back up and running as soon as Google grants permissions and in the meanwhile, you may find Blokada Libre on our website to be downloaded, Blokada Libre will always be available on the website, and will always remain free to use.

With the recent launch of Blokada Cloud for Android, we have addressed Google’s worries. Blokada Cloud does not break any terms of service of Google and will be the new default app for the Google Play Store and our recommended one.

We will keep you updated about this and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


You still have F-Droid and your own app host. TBH, you don’t need the Play Store in this day and age, but peeps say “Oh it’s the safest place to download apps.” Hundreds of malicious apps pop up on Play Store every week. Do a search and you’ll find countless reports.


In “website”, you have too many “w”. It’s linked to

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Done, Thanks for notifying me!

Recently removed another Ad Blocker for breach 4.4. They don’t understand that some ads are toxic. :triumph:

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Personally I like the Blockda app where I have been using it for many of years. Now I have subscribe with your VPN server. Yes granted it has his ups and downs, but I’m not going to complain about it. Unless it’s some serious problem or concern that I may have with it.
I know you have been having problems with the Google’s so-called permissions that I cannot stand or understand it. Everytime you download an app, there is one or more permissions that you have to agree with. It gets very annoying. And those idiotic ads that pops up each the you play a game, watch a video, and other things on the apps that you download. Google does not understand that or does not want to understand that. So what is there more to do? The only solution is to download the Blockda app on your website. In my opinion it’s a better solution then downloading it on Google.