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Hello, I have a Samsung A51 mobile which uses Android 10. There seem to be some differences between downloading from PlayStore or from the Blokada site. Something to do with “allowing aps from unknown sources”. I don’t know if this is advisable or not. Does downloading from either source have the same end result?
Also the issue of “APK’s” arose. I have never come across APK’s before and don’t know what they do. Are they somehow relevant to my installing Blokada on my mobile? Is the process automatic or do I have to do something in addition manually?
I am looking at,used%20to%20customize%20your%20experience.
and getting confused! I thought the process was straightforward! What seems to come up by default is the Blokada Slim 5 download.

Apk extensions are android application packages. You don’t see this in play store but it is there in the background. When you try to install an application outside of playstore you will get that warning that you will installing an application from an unknown source. If you know and trust the source such as blokada you can proceed at your own risk. If you want blokada slim just use the playstore. If you want the more feature rich full version use the blokada site. Once you download an apk file you just need to open it to install.

Tks for quick reply
Seems to me that there are two (unrelated???) questions:

  1. Permission to allow an unknown source - which in the case of Blokada I can give
  2. When, where and how to install the APK. Are the prompts and procedure automatic or do I have to search for and do something? APK’s are totally new to me.

It looks like the simplest route would be to download Slim from Playstore (and forget about APK’s) but are there significant advantages in downloading the full version?

If you decide to go for slim you will not receive any adblocking capabilities without installing the full blokada version. That’s a Google limitation. They don’t want to damage their own business model

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From Google’s perspective I can understand that - but not from mine!

What is the point of my installing Slim (via Playstore) if it doesn’t give any adblocking capabilities?
Does it make any difference whether I download Slim from Playstore or from your site?
Again with the knock-on consequences for finding and downloading APK’s.

The default on your site seems to be Blokada5.apk in addition to the other options.

I think that there is some basic misunderstanding gap on my part and I am asking for advice on what you would do if you were me in this confusing situation!

Just visit or use
You can find blokada on both

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Blokada Slim will automatically link you to the full download of Blokada v5.
If you install it there’ll be adblocking capabilities.
Some people are simply looking for a dns Changer though

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I can’t see the advantage / disadvantage of Slim if both do the same thing so my choice would be to download Blokada 5.apk from which seems to be the “default” anyway!

Slim does not block ads by itself.
It’ll ask you whether or not you want to “upgrade” to the full blokada version, downloading that from outside the Playstore

Thanks that was the explanation that had escaped me. If both “routes” achieve the same end result then I intend as before to download Blokada 5.apk direct from the source and avoid PlayStore.

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