External Update APK pop-up after install from Play Store?

After install from the Android Play store I got an message from within the app that I had to update my app to 5.x. Normaly I do not trust apps that shoot APK’s from within the app. Than the app gets untrustfull. Why an update from within and not an update from the store?

After install Blokada told me my Account was not valid anymore. I did not know I had one but on that notice I uninstalled and Installed again wit the same resulds.

To directly help you the best way possible please provide the following information:

  1. Where did you download Blokada from? Play Store
  2. Which device do you use? poco X3 NFC
    Do you use a custom ROM? NO
    Do you know which OS version you are using? 10
  3. Since when are you facing this issue? After install
  4. Did you already try to solve the issue somehow? NO
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It’s just a notification to update, nothing to worry about. I would also definitely use the Blokada APK provided on the Blokada website, or the F-Droid builds. The play store versions are crippled, because Google is hostile to user-configurable ad-blocking solutions like Blokada, and does not allow their full versions on the Play Store. Even projects with a lot more funding than Blokada (like AdGuard), cannot upload their full-featured applications there. It’s a sad state of affairs when it’s easier to get an ad-blocking application on Apple’s App Store than it is on the Play Store. If you use the official or F-Droid version of Blokada, you have a lot more control over what’s being blocked, and also have the choice to use the 4.x branch of the program, which some people prefer to the newer 5.x branch (as it offers more flexibility in a few areas). Welcome!


I have installed from official Blokada 5 hope this helps. I have more problems, but I have reached my quota …? So tomorrow I will post my WI-FI Mesh problem.

Thanks for your help.

No problemo! I’ve successfully avoided mesh WiFi setups thus far, so I hope someone who has experience in that area makes their way around these parts in time.

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