[Feature Request] Backup and Restore Settings, Including Ad-blocking Counter

Any chance V4 and V5 can be made to save or export settings and to load settings? Currently, as far as I know, you can’t upgrade to V5 or go back to V4 without losing the counter and having to manually set options, host lists, and custom allowed and blocked items.


This feature is available in Blokada v6 that uses Blokada Cloud.
It will automatically preserve your blocklist settings and the counter between devices and re-installs

But I’m told Blokada Cloud is a paid service… will at least the backup and restore feature be available to Blokada Libre users?

That wouldn’t really work since cloud does the blocking on our servers while libre does it locally

As @PrintableCharacter pointed out the new v6 a.k.a. Blokada Cloud for Android is a totally different implementation. Blokada v5 will not use any features from Blokada Cloud because it’s not compatible with it.

More info about benefits and what you can expect is described here:

So how is the fact the feature here requested (I’m assuming his/her/their feature request was for this to be implemented on both Blokada Plus and Blokada Libre, but if @Whistler meant to request if specifically for Blokada Plus, I’d like to branch off a separate feature request that is virtually identical to his/hers/theirs, only for Blokada Libre specifically instead) is implemented on Blokada Cloud count as a solution for Blokada 5 (which is not compatible with Blokada Cloud) users?

The post you linked to claims that Blokada 5 will continue to be developed. If this is true, then the work to try to reestablish features that were lost with the move from B4 to B5 shouldn’t stop just because paying users already have access to these features on B6. I remember, when B5 first came out, a user accused you (plural you = the devs in general, not necessarily singular you = you the interlocutor in specific) of removing these features in order to make them premium-only services and you replied that they had been “removed” because B5 was engineered from scratch with no code carried over from B4 — so really, they weren’t so much “removed” as “not implemented (for B5) yet in the first place” — and would become available to all users again as soon as they could be implemented on B5, without discriminating between paying and non-paying consumers. Have your policies on this matter changed? Will work to implement on B5 features already available on B4 and Blokada Cloud cease entirely, thus forcing Libre users to choose between paying for Cloud service, downgrading to B4 Libre or staying on B5 Libre without ever having access to such features again?

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Thanks for addressing this feature request, but i think it’s still an open issue.

The intent of my request was to save the settings, for example, manually blocked and allowed hosts, and import them to a new install of Blokada. (Ideally, data, such as count of blocked ads and user selected app options, should also be transferable.) And, yes, the request was for V4 and V5 libre.

For the users, this would give them the ability and security of moving between versions without losing all of their fine-tuned settings. More than one version at a time can’t be installed, so why would V4 users even want to try V5 or V6 if they will lose all the settings they’ve been relying on when they try the higher level versions? And there’s currently no way i know of to reinstall V4 or V5 with the previous settings. (Blokada works great to keep dicey apps that I won’t name - that are good at their primary function - from calling home so they can be safely used. That’s one example of why the portability of settings is needed.)

For Blokada as an entity, this feature would attract more users to later app versions of they knew they could actually “migrate” between apps. I do assume you want users on V5 and V6.

I don’t know what technical hurdles there are in saving and transferring data and settings. Obviously, there is dedicated storage space for data and settings, including blocked and allowed URLs. And I just transferred everything to a new phone, so all the data and settings can be moved with the app.

I think Blokada is rightfully asking users to consider paying to development and services. (Thank you for continuing to offer libre versions!) But in this case, upselling to a higher version and service isn’t a solution to the backup and restore that’s needed.


I just reviewed the closed and open issues on GitHub and saw that backup and export was opened as long ago as March 2018 (#144). The feature was then supposedly implemented and the issue closed. But the original requester noted in October 2019 that the feature hadn’t actually been implemented and the issue should still be open. That requester asked about the status again in July 2021.

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That happened with v4, yes.
This hasn’t been reintroduced into V5

V4 is what I use. I’ve never seen a control for the feature, which is why i requested the feature last August. Any clues on what to click on in V4 to export and import? Thanks!

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I’m the original requester and I can confirm that I never saw any working backup functionality in Blokada although it was stated otherwise.

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