Is there a way to backup settings?

Hi, I might need to uninstall Blokada for a while and want to know what happens if I do so. Will I lose all my settings? Is there a way to back them up and restore them afterwards? I’ve spent years making a custom blocklist manually (since B5 doesn’t allow you to just type in a domain that you want to block, you need to run into it and block it on the activity log) and I don’t want to lose it.

There should be an export/import feature in v4 iirc
I’m on v5 for a long time now so I don’t really recall where it is anymore but it does have a feature description :slight_smile:

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Erm, this is about me, not my dad. I’m on B5. I’m sorry if I didn’t mention that as clearly as I thought I had.

Is there a way to backup settings ON BLOKADA 5?

That’s easy to answer:
No xD
Some settings like your ID get automatically synced with your Google cloud though.
This will change if you’re using Blokada cloud though

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If my ID gets backed up (shouldn’t I have to consent to that?), does that mean reinstalling Blokada on the same device will restore the settings (because the ID is the same)?

PS: could you add a feature request “backup and restore settings (Blokada 5)”?

Settings - This device - use cloud backup
I’m personally not aware that it’s backing up your lists.
Here’s the feature requests you’re asking for:

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Oh, I wasn’t aware someone had ever replied to that feature request (in fact, I think they only replied to it AFTER you posted a link to it here kkkkk if I’m interpreting this correctly, your post here was 14h ago and @balboah’s post there was 8h ago?).

Thanks for the instructions! I changed it to “yes”, not sure if it’s working (I don’t think I got any acknowledgement from Google) and pretty sure it won’t backup anything you’re not aware that it does (judging from @balboah’s aforementioned post), but still, thank you for your time / explanation.

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