What is stopping you from using Blokada 5?

Hi all. As we have now started the Blokada 4 -> Blokada 5 migration, I noticed there is still quite a few people who do not want to update. I’d like all of you to vote in this poll, and tell what is stopping you from migrating. This way, we will be able to get a clear picture which features should be prioritized.

What is stopping you from moving from Blokada 4 to Blokada 5?
  • I need to set my custom DNS servers
  • I use my own blocklists
  • I need Tasker integration
  • I use Smart Lists
  • I use wildcards
  • I prefer the old UI
  • I use widgets
  • I use it on TV
  • I have no storage space
  • My device is not supported
  • Battery life is worse
  • Other (please comment)

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What is stopping me:

  • want to have log file of blocked domains in accessible storage (eg download folder) like v4 does
  • want to keep using v4 beta functionality “wildcard smart filters“
  • want to use my own hosts and wildcard filter files

I know it takes time and effort to implement these, but you asked and here’s your answer. :wink:


Guys, something broke with the poll and I had to reset the votes. Please vote again if you could.


The poll doesn’t take into account multi-use scenarios. For instance, I can’t use v5 on my tv, but v4 works fine.

I prefer v4 on my phone because smart lists. I don’t think the poll allows more than one option.


The poll allows up to three choices


Hmm. Tried choosing more than 1 option without success earlier in the day. Haven’t tried again.

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I installed the new Blokada and immediately noticed the activity log had been changed to use MUCH more space. A log is a log—it should show what happened. I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses it to find the source of spurious ads, which I usually block with a wildcard.

If the tools to block fast-flux DNS entries, as well as those of evasive/stealthy ad networks, are not available to me, I can’t use it. I’m looking for useful, not “pretty”, so I reinstalled Blokada 4. :frowning:

I can live without widgets, but not without these power-user features.


Sorry, Karol, I tried, but it won’t let me vote. (I can check the boxes, but the Vote Now button is greyed out.

Never mind. I unchecked “I use widgets” and “Other” and was able to vote. Please see my comment below, though, about the log.

I hate to complain, but this is important. Thanks for everything you do! Blokada is great! I hope enough features are added to the new one to make it usable by me.


Don’t worry, we want all feedback. I’ll think to make the activity list more pro user focused. Remember it’s just the first iteration, and there are already filtering and sorting options not available in v4.



  • On my tablet I need landscape mode

  • in the own blocking lists of blokada 4 its possible quickly to switch on/off the entries, in blokada 5 its only possible to delete the entries, the old feature is important for me, using some google resources like playstore I don’t want to switch off blokada generally

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This is nitpicking, and most probably off-topic, but the on-off button on the main screen looks abysmal on my 10.8in tablet. Any chance of making that one in higher resolution?
Also, I’d love it if the spacing on the logs could be made more compact, as to fit more info into the screen.
Great app, keep up the good work!


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I would like v5 better if it would allow custom blocklists, but also a webview that can be set in the android developer options.

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I upgraded to 5 but then couldn’t view videos embedded in Google News feeds, or from the source website itself.

I tried whitelisting over a dozen urls that I saw blocked during my attempts. But none worked.

I then downgraded to 4. There I simply switched the blocklist in use and the problem was solved.

This would be my reason for not yet using blokada 5.


The new user interface is quite cluttered in my opinion.

Furthermore, I miss various settings that were still possible in version 4.

There are also other questions, such as how often are the host lists updated? In version 4 you could set the update interval (daily, weekly, etc.).

Why are there much less hostlists to choose from in the new version? Were there lists merged or are some simply no longer available?!


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LONGTIME user, but I just installed v5 for the first time due to having to get my phone warranty-replaced.
I don’t mind the interface, but I do not like the very limited selection of blocklists.i can’t seem to find where to add new ones if it’s even possible. I also can’t add custom url’s to block. There’s just an empty list with no add button.

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You add them from the Activity tab.

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