What is stopping you from using Blokada 5?

4 is much better than 5, but for me in order of importance:

  1. the absence of the widget is a glaring step backwards that ranks as #1 for me. And I think the widget is problematic (no transparency, really? - and I don’t want my ad-counter to drop down to decimals, I want exact numbers); but not having it robs me of seeing it work and giving me instant knowledge about what’s being blocked.

  2. the absence of DNS controls. Why remove a core feature?

  3. the old UI is not only more attractive, it’s a billion times more useful. The current UI is Apple-like… made dumb so that any idiot can use it. I understand why you’d want any idiot to be able to use it, but this kind of app has a different user-base I’d guess. I want control and power, not an on/off button. Some of the options are not well-explained.


Thanks for the valuable feedback. Could you mention what could be explained better? And what do you expect from “dns controls”.
Yes, you’re right. The thought behind the general v5 design is to make it as foolproof as possible so we can reach a broader userbase which can profit from adblocking. Hence the new, more uniform looking UI.

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I tried several times to install version 5.7 and 5.8 , but after the installation procedure all I get is: app not installed. I’m clueless.
Version 4 works fine.

You probably have different variants of the app, for example one from F-droid, another one from the website. You need to stick to the same source.

Thank you for your feedback. I tried both sources F-Droid and blokada.com - neither one works. I feel I have to love Version 4.9 :kissing_heart:
Btw: Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite, Android 10, Android security patch 2020-12-1, MIUI 12.0.5

I’ve noticed that even if I select and activate all block lists, the total number of blocked requests is way lower than v4. Since (it seems that) not all connections are using Blokada VPN, what’s the point of v5? Only being paid for the application (not evil, actually), but the free version gives less features than v4, for me.
Or so it’s what I see from the number of blocked activities.

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The fact that it makes every Chromium based browsers not work.

This is just not true.

Not really… The webview, Amazon Silk, and Ungoogled Chromium work when I use Blokada 5 on my Fire Tablet.

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You should not activate all lists at all. That’s overkill and your device probably won’t block hosts properly.

Not exactly sure what you mean by this. You are not required to purchase Blokada Plus to have ad-blocking.

V5 has just as many, if not more, host lists available as v4.

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