V5 not blocking ads

I have been using Blokada for years. I installed Blokada 5 just released in stable version. Up to version 5.2.1 it worked fine.
I usually use Cloudflare dns and the Energized blu blocklist.
5.3.0 hasn’t blocked any ads. I sent the logs, you told me to disable “Private DNS” but nothing has changed. I’m back to 5.2.1.
5.4.0 and 5.5.0 block ads only if “Blokada DNS” is enabled in DNS. It doesn’t make sense, but for me it’s the only way to make them work. I sent a 5.4.0 log and you told me to disable “data saver”, but it was already disabled.
Version 5.6.0 beta doesn’t even work with “Blokada DNS”, it doesn’t work with any settings.
So I keep using 5.5.0 with “Blokada DNS” active.
What happen? Why every version is getting worse after 5.2.1?
An ad blocker should be easy to use for a daily user, not for experts or beta testers! I need an ad blocker that works, I don’t want to keep posting logs.
Can you fix Blokada 5?
[Huawei P Smart with stock Android 9 EMUI 9.1]

It works fine for hundreds of thousands of users. Your case seems unique, and I gave you all the ideas to try. If nothing works, I’m afraid I can’t help you. If the v4 works fine for you, you are safe to stick to it, it’s going to continue receiving updates. You should also try clearing app data.

Been using this for a long time. I was prompted to download version 5 and now my blokada is very unreliable. It still says it’s version 4.9.0 but now there’s no prompt for blokada 5 and refreshing my update page keeps confirming that there’s no update available now. Now that that’s over with and everything is "up to date through that blokada 5 prompt, it lets in Vungle ads on my sim city game like it’s never done before. It’s still set to block them but they come through anyway. I’m so use to blokada completely blocking and shutting down anything I have blacklisted. It’s sad to see it fail like this.

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Try uninstalling and re-downloading the version you want from https://blokada.org, it should help.

Thank you so much! It worked! I’m officially on 5 now and it’s running beautifully.

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