Blokada was working with BeeTV and others but stopped

I have been using blokada 4 for some time now but notice it stops working correctly if I try 5.

I used to be able to block ads in Beetv apk and others but now cannot. What I did was try 5 to see that it did not work on Beetv. Go back to 4 and now it also does not work. It doesn’t matter if I uninstall everything and reinstall what I want. It will not work now. Clearing cookies in the APK’s doesn’t help and switching DNS doesn’t seem to do anything although I have only changed it to a few different ones. It was working on Cloudflare

Not sure if I should just spend a day trying other DNS or if the android tv MI box is now corrupted for 4 after 5 was installed and will have to be factory reset to get 4 to work again.

I also had this happen on a fire tv box now I think about it and just uninstalled Beetv over it.

It seems something with Blokada has changed with 5. Perhaps they sold out or just simply want you to pay now for what was free. I do not know. I just know that 5 is not good and will not work like 4 did and will cause 4 not to work like it did if you install 5.

V5 isn’t optimized for android TV yet, V4 is.
Please stick to V4 for the time being.
If we’re talking about video ads within content: Blokada never managed to block that. It did for an absolute minority of people, we don’t know what caused that, nothing changed from our side.
So… Video adblocking is more of a “bug” than something we actually ever implemented or even thought of implementing… We’re buffled as well

OK, I was using what I thought was for android v5.19.0 Beta I used to get no ads with 4 at all, video or popup on Beetv after installing 5, BETA and going back to 4 it would no longer block the same ads it did prior to that. Let both pop up and video ads before the show make it. Didn’t bother to see if I got the ad after the the show just deleted everything and switched to an ad free mod.

I had liked using Blokada 4 with it that way it could update and still be ad free. Perhaps Beetv caught on.

Blokada still works pretty good overall but that was my main use for it.

These wrappers are actually what we recommend in such cases

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