What do you like most about Blokada 4?

  • Ability to use it on TV devices
  • Custom blocklists
  • Other, let us know in the comments

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I use Blokada 4 specifically with both my Nvidia TV Shield Pro and my Chromecast with GoogleTV.


-It’s the most stable one
-Custom Blocklist
-smart list have derived from 1.8 milkion blocked queries.
-doesnt stop in background even on OnePlus.
-my last experience with 5 was not that good.
-Also, does the job just fine :smile:

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Custom block and host lists.

Stupid thing on part of developers to drop this important feature from v5. No logic

Landscape mode. I also like that it is free with well designed features. As I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet, none of your other products have Landscape mode. Fewer apps are programing their apps with Landscape mode which is ashame but I understand tablets aren’t as popular as they once were so the time spent to add it seems not worth the effort. I use Blokada 5 on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. Both work great.

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Use Blokada 4 as its android tv compatible works on firestick etc…

If there was a dedicated TV version that will be great or keep maintaining version 4


There is true wildcard support versus needing to unblock or block many subdomains. I can type the * in a rule and be done one time instead of needing to refresh many times and go through the activity log possibly still missing some then or later. It allows for one and done where version 5 doesn’t have this kind of control of the allowed of blocked items.

The custom lists I was using personally were added into Blokada but I know some other people may have some favorites or some language specific filters that are not included and this is also still a valid concern.

I did find smart list to be an interesting feature and so I’d like to see that return maybe and be polished some.

Custom DNS servers are a big one I see as well.

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Custom DNS servers is the main one for me. (and on top of that most of the provided DNS servers regularly give problems (or flat out don’t work)

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EVERYTHING that has been lost in the 5 and 6.

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