Blokada 4/5 works on smart TV Sony android?

I’ve already done some research but haven’t found any specific discussions on the subject other than something about Fire sticks.

I would like to know if it is possible to use Blokada v5 or even v4 on a Sony android smart TV.

I think I installed Blokada.apk a few months ago on the Sony android TV, (I don’t remember if 4 or 5) but after the installation this app was not visible in the list of installed apps and I could not block the ads - nor - I think I remember - I could manage its settings
I found it among the system apps and not being able to use it I uninstalled it.

The question: can Blokada 4 or 5 currently be used successfully on android smart TVs?
If so, how?

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Hi there,
V4 should be optimized for android TV devices. I personally just own multiple fireTV stick so I cannot give you any further advice on how to install it.
V4 is available on our website.
Blokada Cloud enables you to block ads and tracking within your WiFi as long as your router supports that so that’s a new option as well


Thanks for now.
I had read that v4 was optimized for TVs, and also that it works with the Fire Stick, but I would have preferred more precise information related to the Sony TV. In the meantime I can always try to install again. Hi…

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Blokada 4 works very well on our Hitachi Android TV with no problems blocks the ads so try blokada 4 on Sony Android TV

Blokada-v4.15.0.apk installs smoothly on Sony Bravia KE-55A8 (OLED).
If it works correctly / completely I have yet to find out.

If possible, I have it on my Sony with Android TV like you. To see it installed you have to install a launcher and access it. I use one that was in the play store tv. You activate blokada and that’s it, it’s usually active without doing anything else.

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