Blocking ads and tracking on AndroidTVs

Blokada v4 is optimized to run on SmartTVs which have an OS based on Android.
This includes Firestick TVs, Nvidea Shields, Android boxes, FireTV sticks…
The only condition is that the TV supports VPN connections. This for example excludes all first generation Firestick TVs and FireTV Sticks.

Installing Blokada

If you want to install Blokada v4 either download it from or search for it in your installer store. If none of these options are available to you because you’re using a FireTV, you’ll need to use ADB or a “Downloader” application instead. If you’re having trouble with ADB use the “Downloader” application available on the Amazon Store and enter the Blokada download URL. Don’t forget to grant VPN permission on the first start-up of Blokada. This is important, because that’s how Blokada works.

Configuring Blokada for SmartTVs

The next step is to configure Blokada. On most devices you can simply hit the big button and Blokada will run whilst blocking ads and tracking on your SmartTV.

If this doesn’t work instantaneously or you see an error message displayed in app please click the three lines at the bottom. Then click Ad blocking / Ad blocking settings. Then click on List status and check whether the amount of selected rules is below the amount of rules that are estimated to fit into your RAM. If that’s not the case, please leave this menu and click on Host lists. There select ‘Energized Spark’ and unselect ‘Energized Blu (recommended)’. Now check List status again.
If the amount of rules is not the problem please refer to this article: Overview: Blokada doesn't block ads.

You could also think about setting a content-blocking DNS, check the descriptions of the selectable DNS providers to find one that suits you. Check this article on limits and benefits of a content-blocking DNS.

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