Intro to adblocking with Blokada

Blokada’s most known feature is ad blocking. It is a thin layer between the network interface (wifi or mobile) of your phone and the application/s you use. To be able to filter every outgoing traffic, it uses the VPN API of the device you use, and simply blocks all requests towards the hosts defined in the blocklist filters. This blocking is done with a simple “Hostname not found” report for the application is tries to access a hostname that is blocked. With this, Blokada saves both your data plan, battery life and time: no redirection is done. The filters are updated automatically. You can configure Blokada with your own custom filters and allowlists to ensure the service that you would like to use isn’t blocked and you don’t experience any interruption.
This feature is available for free, and it will stay free. Enjoy using Blokada!

If app doesn’t work as expected, doesn’t load its content or something similar misbehaviour is experienced, please

  1. open Blokada’s menu by swiping up on the main screen
  2. tap on Apps
  3. choose Installed- or System app, depending if the app is installed by you or provided by the system
  4. search for the app, and press on bypass

You can block an individual website what isn’t on a host list. To do it, go to Blokada’s menu by swiping up, tap on Ad blocking , choose Blocked Hosts and tap the + sign at the top of the screen. Here, you can add a single hostname or a list file containing all the hosts you want to block.

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