What is Blokada?

Blokada is an open source app for your mobile device that helps you protect your privacy and unclutter your device. It’s being actively developed by a group of privacy concious enthusiasts and an open source community, whose goal is to empower all users with tools to better control of what is being sent out from their devices, to big corporations. We believe you have the right to not be tracked and targeted with ads and other unwanted content.

Currently, the main features of Blokada are:

  • Adblocking : a lightweight solution that instead of trying to target 100% accuracy (which is not feasible), is focusing on blocking most of the ads with a minimal impact on your device’s battery life and speed. Blokada offers one of the most advanced configuration options of any adblocker, and you are free to use it at no cost whatsoever.
  • DNS changer : you can configure Blokada to change the DNS servers used by your device, by choosing privacy-focused servers built in the app, or defining your own. This feature is also free forever
  • Blokada Plus : for a higher level of privacy protection and security, we actively develop our own VPN service. This allows you to hide your ip, change location, unblock content, and more. This is a subscription based feature and you need active account to use it. It is optional, and you do not need to activate it to be able to use the other features for free.

All of those features can be combined together, or used separately, depending on your needs. We plan to expand our functionality by adding more features to help you protect your privacy.