What is Blokada Plus (VPN)?

Blokada Plus is a VPN optimized to work flawlessly with Blokada. You get one of the strongest encryptions with minimal impact on battery life and speed. Together with the battle-tested content blocking functionality of Blokada, the VPN gives you a peace of mind knowing that your private activity stays private. Even on public WiFi, no-one will be able to see what you’re doing or steal your sensitive information like bank details. Websites you visit will not be able to reveal your real location.

Tap here to learn how to subscribe to Blokada Plus.

Stable + fast + unlimited

Protecting your privacy does not have to mean slowing down the device or shorter battery life. We’ve worked for years on fine-tuning Blokada to give you the lightweight experience you get today, we apply the same philosophy to our VPN service. The protocols and servers are carefully chosen to provide you stability and speed without compromise. We do not limit or measure your bandwidth.

Protect all your devices

You can activate the VPN on up to 5 devices simultaneously. What else, Blokada Plus is compatible with WireGuard, you can even download your personal configuration file to use directly with the WireGuard app on Android, iOS, Linux as well as Windows.

Be somewhere else, or someone else

You can connect through any of our gateways available in several locations around the world. This way you can hide your real IP and pretend you are elsewhere. Some websites use your location for pricing, so you may be able to save money. Access more content and unblock websites, no matter where you’re connecting from.

You get the cool stuff

With Blokada Plus, you support our independent work. We are a small team of developers who care about privacy and like to bring innovative ideas to the people. For example, we just released a pilot of our new Partner Gateways program. This program allows you to access content not available through traditional VPNs, like video streaming. At the same time, it gives the gateway owner a possibility to profit. There is much more to come.

Support and money back guarantee

Use the Support button in the app to reach us. We handle your issue directly, there is no call center. If you’re not 100% satisfied, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a 7-day money back guarantee.

“WireGuard” and the “WireGuard” logo are registered trademarks of Jason A. Donenfeld.


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Can we somehow assist you? If you have a question about Blokada and Android 10, please open a Support topic here: https://community.blokada.org/c/support/21.


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Hello there @Carlos_Araujo:)
Can we somehow assist you? If you have a question about Blokada, please open a Support topic here: https://community.blokada.org/c/support/21 . Please use a translator tool, like deepl.com.

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Podemos ajudá-lo de alguma forma? Se tiver uma pergunta sobre Blokada, por favor abra aqui um tópico de Apoio: https://community.blokada.org/c/support/21 . Por favor, utilize uma ferramenta de tradução, como deepl.com.

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Nice app



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may i know where the country of servers are provided? im living in indonesia, so i wanna know where is the closest server i can get, thank you!


We have a list here:

The closest one for you so far is Tokyo!


thanks a lot Karol!!


It bothers me a lot during work