How to make Blokada start on boot (auto start)?

It is recommended to keep Blokada running in background at all times. To make it start automatically when you turn on (or restart) your device, please do the following:

Blokada 5 for Android (and Blokada 5 Slim)

  • Activate Always on VPN. This will cause your system to keep the app running at all times, and start it on boot.

Blokada 5 for iOS

  • Activate Connect on Demand. This will cause your system to keep the app running at all times, and start it on boot. You will find this option in System Settings, search for VPN, and find Blokada. You will have to have activated the app at least once beforehand.

Blokada v4 for Android (and older)

  • Use the “Start on boot” switch in app settings menu.

Thank you.


I have done this, it’s checked off for keep alive, but it doesn’t start on boot. 4 always started on boot flawlessly, but 5 always says deactivated in the keep alive notification, which is a problem since I have my phone set to restart every morning. Every time I go back to the keep alive settings again, it’s toggled back off again.


Does not work on vankyo s30 android ver 9. “Always on vpn” gets reset to off on every reboot or power off. Blokada 5 and older.


Update: my VPN service does NOT get disconnected when tab goes into sleep mode but blokada vpn does. What is the difference?

We’ll need a log for this.

Went from v5 to v4 same problem.

log and scrn shot uploaded


will not upload log because it say wrong file type (.log)

Ok. Please install 5.7 beta (from our homepage), where I changed the log file type, and try to share the log again. Please do not share it publicly on the forum, but send it to, and mention your problem.

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Hi, when i go in the VPN settings to switch the “always on” option, I can’t se the VPN options and I’m redirected to the Blockada settings screen.

Hi. My blockada goes on /off. Need help please. Thanks.

My blokada seems not working pls help

Please describe the issue as precisely as possible in a new support post.

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