Unable to connect to "VPN always active"

Unable to connect to “VPN always active”


I have Huawei P30 Pro android 10 stock - no root - and Blokada 5 updated, downloaded from Blokada main site.

The Blokada setting to enable the service when starting the Smartphone
is active. However, the smartphone is always on.

In the Blokada advanced settings “Keep active” is enabled.

I read the Blokada guide carefully on how to keep Blokada always active (here: How to make Blokada start on boot (auto start)? and here: Why should I enable the "Always on VPN" feature?) and I strictly applied the instructions. In fact every time I open the VPN network settings in the phone, I see on the first line “Blokada 5 connected Alwais-on active”.

However, every morning when I pull down the notificatqion bar, I find the message “VPN always active” disconnected. Entering the detail of the App Blokada I have the same confirmation, but if I open the VPN profile I see that Blokada is active. Which of the two statements is true?

How can I be sure that Blokada is working? Or, what can I do to make sure that Blokada always works? Otherwise it is useless to have it …

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Hi there, we’ll need log for this.
Can you send us an email with your log on hello@blokada.org and mention your problem

i will do as you suggest…

In the meantime yesterday i removed version 5 and reinstalled version 4 and the problem has not yet arisen.


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