Why should I enable the "Always on VPN" feature?

Starting with Nougat, Android provides a feature called “Always on VPN”, which you can find in your system settings.

To turn on “Always on VPN”:

  1. Go to Settings tab in Blokada
  2. Tap “Open VPN Profile”
  3. Tap the gear icon next to Blokada
  4. Switch on the “Always on VPN” setting

Starting with Blokada v5, it is strongly recommended you enable this feature, either if you use the Libre or Plus account.

This will ensure that the system will try to never kill the app, and even if it does, it will bring it back as soon as possible. It will also start the app right after you restart your device (start on boot).

If you use the Plus account (orange mode), you may also activate the “block connections without VPN” feature, which you can find in the same place in the system settings.

This will ensure all traffic goes through your Blokada Plus VPN account, and nothing will ever leak. Just remember, if you select this feature, you need to have your Blokada activated in Plus mode (orange ring), as having it deactivated or in blue mode, will cut your Internet.

Here is the video showing how to activate Always on VPN:


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This doesnt help stop the system from constantly turning off my vpn help me please the system (ANDROID) keeps shutting off my connection and wont allow me to send my log


Got the same problem as Flyinatthenorthpole on my Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

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@Karol any help would be highly appreciated

You should also activate the “Keep Alive” Feature (Settings -> This device)

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I got it working with the following information: Brand specific information


Also remember to set your device power save setting to NOT manage Blokada.

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