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I’m running Blockada Plus 5.14.4 on a Huawei MediaPad T5 with Android 8. Also on a Realme X50 5G, running Android version 11.

The problem is the same on both devices. When either device is shut down and or restarted. Blockada doesn’t automatically launch and you have to remember to start it manually.

I’ve seen somewhere that the user has to activate the Always on VPN. I don’t see any such feature except a slider button on the Home screen which shows that the VPN is ‘on’ and the server location.

Also, on the huawei device, when running certain apps. Blockada stops working and closes down.

Any advice to correct these problems?

For your first issue try this:

and this (I personally don’t use it. Don’t need it):

You may read also this:

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