Blokada lost connection with VPN

Hi there, I’m using blokada version 5.20.5 installed from Google play store on a Nokia g21 with stock Android 11. I’ve set the VPN setting to always on. But when my screen is off and I put it back on it doesn’t reconnect to VPN. It gives the error connection lost and I have to manually switch blokada on with the button in the main program. Is it an Android 11 thing? Because I used to have a Motorola one with stock Android 10 and I never had this issue.

I understand that you installed Blokada from Google Play. Because of google policy, the full version of Blokada cannot be published there, so you are just using a cut-down version. However, there is a trick to escape it and gain all the features.

To do so, please install this apk on top of your version of Blokada.

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Hi Reda, thank you very much. Your solution worked out well.

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