Blokada 5 VPN Not Staying Active

My Blokada 5 VPN does not always stay active in the background unless the app is visible in the “Previously Used Apps” screen.

The app was downloaded from the Blokada site and is updated to the latest version.
Running Android 11 on Blackview 8800V.
The app works fine on my Acer ACTAB1422 Tablet, which is also running Android 11. I also have Blokada on an FxTec Pro1, which is on Android 9 and the app is running fine on that.

I have referred to the settings on the Acer and FxTec and mirrored the same settings on the Blackview 8800V but it hasn’t made any difference. Blokada’s VPN still shuts down when I dismiss the app from the previously used apps screen.

I can share the log from the Blackview if required.

Any help would be muchly appreciated.
Thank yoooouuuu :smiley:

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Hi StickyMick.

I’m on android 12, but you could try allowing the app to run in the backround (the default is run in the foreground).
Hold the blokada icon and go to “battery usage”.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I totally missed this question.

Try enabling “always on vpn” for blokada

I think I’ve solved the issue finally as it’s been running fine all day after digging deep into the app settings of Android 11 and changing one or two options.
I stumbled upon a settings screen and changed a setting in there. Blokada has stayed active ever since then, but for the life of me I can’t find that screen again.

Always on VPN has been enabled the whole time.
I’m sure I’ve resolved the issue now. See my post above.
I think it’s the fact that Blackview devices are running DoKe OS which is a little different to most other Android devices.

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