No gear icon next to blokada

I tried to configure the allways on Option on my Huawei Media Pad 5 with Android 9.1
But there is no gear icon next to blokada

Need help

In the VPN section you mean? To enable Always-on-vpn? On some huawei devices you have to long tap blokada inside te VPN profile to gain access to the “gear icon” settings.

Hello Matt,

correct, in the VPN section - even if I tap long, there is no submenu with the settings for the device as on my Huawei P30 pro😢.

Which alternatives do I have?

Greetings from cold Germany


The same thing in my Xiaomi Mi Max 2 with Android 7. Every time the phone is restarted, I have to manually start blokada

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You need to enable Always-on-VPN to have Blokada 5 start on boot automatically.