Turn off the VPN?


Recently my Blokada 5 app enabled a vpn on my phone, which I absolutely don’t mind, however, I would like to make a few changes if possible but I can’t find where and how.

I don’t know where the settings can be found and I can only reach the VPN settings after getting a link to them from the chat bot. When I tap the link I can see 'VPN devices, not available" and when I tap it I get sent to a payment page. I can’t find any vpn settings for the rest, but the button is green and has a checkmark.

How can I make changes to the VPN or disable it entirely?

I downloaded Blokada using the Google Play Store.
I’m using a Redmi Note 8T with MIUI 12. Not rooted, not jailbroken.


Could you please explain what are the changes you are trying to make to the VPN?

Are you trying to activate always on VPN?

You should find it on settings → Connections → More connections settings → VPN

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