Can we get the kill-switch to Blokada 5?

I… Don’t think I understand what you’re looking for.
There’s a massive on/off button within the app already

I’m not a coder myself but I think some vpns have it and it seems to be crucial. I haven’t used any other vpns either so I can’t explain it further.

But this link might help you:

Already there but you have to enable it in the VPN profile Blokada creates. It is located in the system settings. From within Blokada you should be able to reach it under Settings - This device - Open VPN profile. It should be called “Block connections without VPN” or similar. At least I think this what you are looking for.

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That’s in-built into Android and available to blokada since the very beginning. In fact I’ve never seen an android VPN without that

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