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I have a Blokada+ subscription.
When I disable the blokada vpn through my phones settings/vpn, ads still are blocked with the private dns.

When I disable blokada vpn with the toggle in the miui control center (picture below), ads are not being blocked anymore, altough private dns is still active.

Poco F2 Pro Miui 13 A12

This is normal, when you disable VPN from your device settings Blokada cloud (blue mode) gets activated but when you disable it from the menu shown above it disables Blokada altogether and not just the VPN.

Ok, I understand that.
But even if Blokada is disabled altogether the blocking of ads should continue through the private blokada dns, which is still active.

No. Not if you’re using the app.
It’ll then reroute to a non blocking dns

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That is not logical to me.
When I uninstall the cloud app I can use Blokada dns without any problem, but when I fully disable the cloud app the private dns doesn’t work anymore.
My opinion is that if you have a blokada+ subscription blokada private dns should work at all times.
This seems very obvious to me :slight_smile:

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The disabling of Blokada will also configure Blokada Cloud to disable ads blocking, even while the private dns is still in use.

It is done this way since there’s no possibility for us to remove your private dns settings automatically, only to disable the filtering. Maybe in your case, you were looking for a toggle specifically for the VPN feature, similar to how it is on the bottom of the home screen inside the app?


I have been using blokada Cloud via online dasdhboard before the cloud app was released.
The name of my private dns was : I could use it with the blokada 5 app or with any other vpn enabled or disabled.
This private dns is unusable in combination with the cloud app. The private dns name now is :
When I freeze or uninstall the cloud app the new private dns given by the coud app blocks all the ads.
When the cloud app is installed but completely closed and not running in the backgroud, ads aren’t blocked anymore and I then have to use the old private dns name.
For those who have a blokada+ subscription the private dns given by the cloud app should also block ads when blokada is not active or even in combination with other vpn’s. This is what the free version does at the moment, and you can’t do with the paid version. This makes no sense to me.
So you see, you don’t need to disable the filtering because there’s no possibility to remove the private dns settings automatically. Just don’t disable the filtering for those who have a blokada+ subscription.

Yes, a toggle for the vpn feature like inside the app would be very interesting.

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Hi, no. This is a quite unexplainable issue. I mean… It works if the app is uninstalled but not closed? That doesn’t really make any sense, right? :slight_smile:
The layout of the private dns configuration does not change its functionality. As long as its set up properly blokada can be adjusted either via app or via
A log would be amazing :slight_smile:

Well… The private dns still has to be activated and set at all times. This setting literally is Blokada by now. The app is just “cosmetics” and gimmicks. As of right now you can disable blokada cloud and + completely within the app with the big “On/off” button. The slider below stops and starts the vpn.

Definitely not. V5 cannot run simultaneously to a third party vpn.
You can however input the DoH dns into the dns settings of your third party dns if it supports that.

Why disable ads blocking in this case ?

It’s been like that in every other version out there as well.
Getting rid of that would confuse users. Now they don’t have to access their system settings anymore and temper with stuff that could potentially break

Disabling ads blocking when the cloud app is not in use is forcing people to acces system settings and change the private dns settings if they want to block ads again. That’s confusing and perfectly avoidable.

But ok, I sense there is no support base for my remarks so I rest my case.

Blokada cloud app is great and better than its competitors.
In any case I will keep and renew my subscription :ok_hand:

Keep up the good work :+1:

I wouldn’t call it that. We’ll certainly look into this but this is the first time this is being remarked as confusing. Do you have design ideas by any chance? :slight_smile:

That’s… Not happening. I’m confused now. It shouldn’t matter whether the app is actively running or not. It’ll get closed automatically in the background as well as long as its been turned on once.
Press the “On” button, dont select a gateway. Close the app.
Blokada cloud will keep running.
Open the app again, Press the “Off” button. Close the app.
Blokada will not run anymore but doesn’t make it necessary to disable the private dns configuration so you can turn it back on by pressing the “on” button

That’s how it is for now. Is it behaving differently for you?

When Blokada is active and Blokada+ is active and connected to eg. Amsterdam, I can see the vpn sign in the status bar and ads are being blocked by the private blokada dns.
When I then open the app and press the “off” button and nothing else , the vpn sign dissapears in the status bar and ads are no longer being blocked by the private blokada dns.

Yes, that’s what the “off” button is supposed to do.
To deactivate the vpn exclusively there’s the orange slider beneath where it says “location: Amsterdam”
Any ideas on how we could potentially rearrange that? :slight_smile:

Well, I dont see any reason to stop blocking ads when the “off” button is pushed. This is a choice made by the developers.

Maybe the next best thing would be a shortcut in the notification shade to activate and deacivate the vpn exclusively.

The “off” button will continue to do what an “off” button is supposed to be doing: Stopping any noticeable activity of blokada cloud. This includes blokada+. It’s been like that forever, that’s what an “on/off” button is supposed to do → turning something either on or off.
If you want to deactivate the vpn exclusively, that’s possible using the slider beneath the “off” button.
We’ll consider adding a quick settings tile to turn off the vpn exclusively though :slight_smile:

What do you expect the current in-app “On/Off” button of blokada cloud to be doing?
  • Turn blokada cloud entirely “On” or “Off” (current design)
  • Turn only blokada VPN off for blokada+ subscribers (no changes to Cloud subscriptions)

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Well that’s fine. But why disable the ads blocking blokada dns ? In the private dns settings of the phone the blokada private dns is active but doesn’t block ads anymore when the off button is used in the cloud app.
Before the cloud app, and with Blokada 5 app, the private blokada dns always worked nomatter if the Blokada 5 app was active or not.

Because in Blokada Cloud for android aka Blokada v6, there is no other form of blocking ads than the private dns setting. Turning the Blokada app off means turning Blokada Cloud off, because they are the same. The private dns setting will still be there because we can’t programmatically remove it, however it will stop filtering ads when you turn it off.

Configuring private dns while also running Blokada v5 simultaneously was never a supported use case. But indeed Blokada v5 does the filtering locally via a fake vpn, which runs independent from Blokada Cloud. Thus turning blokada v5 off doesn’t affect Blokada Cloud in any way, because they’re different implementations which weren’t meant to work together but somewhat did

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