Intro to Blokada v5

Welcome aboard!

There are a few things we would like to brief you about, to make your experience with Blokada as smooth as possible.

A blue ring on the home screen means that Blokada is active in Libre mode and is already doing its job. An orange ring means that Blokada is active in Plus mode, and your device is connecting to a real VPN. Tap here for details on account types.

If you installed Blokada from Google Play, you are actually using a lightweight version called Blokada Slim. Learn more about the differences.

As you use your device, the Activity screen in Blokada will update, showing entries that has been either blocked or allowed. This is where your device is connecting (or not, if it got blocked). You may manually block or allow entries by tapping on them. This feature is not available in Blokada Slim.

You may fine tune the configuration using the features available in the Advanced tab, and some additional settings in the Settings tab. This is optional, and for most users Blokada should work fine out of the box.

What to expect from Blokada (or any similar app)?

There are technical limitations on what mobile adblocker / content filter / firewall apps can do. Do not expect to have 100% of ads blocked. In particular, YouTube video ads, or Facebook sponsored posts, are impossible to block.

That said, you should see a significant difference in the amount of ads displayed in apps or websites. If that’s not the case, your configuration may need some troubleshooting.

You may experiment with the features available in Advanced tab. In general, activating more features will cause Blokada to be more restrictive. Be careful though, since some configurations (like Social), may result in some apps not working properly. Deactivating all features causes Blokada to use a default (safe) configuration.

What to do after the first start?

If you just installed and activated Blokada, we recommend taking a few more steps to make sure your experience is the best possible:



What to do if I’m experiencing problems?

Once again, we welcome you to our community, and hope you will enjoy using Blokada!