I cannot start Blokada after I installed it

There are two common causes for such a situation. First, please check if you have an active VPN connection and if so, its Always-on VPN option is enabled. To do it,

  1. go to the Settings of your phone
  2. go to Network & Internet
  3. tap on VPN
  4. tap on the gear next to the existing VPN
  5. disable it and disconnect from the active VPN connection
  6. restart Blokada

Please ensure there is no other, active VPN connection. Blokada utilises this function to filter ads and if the function is not available Blokada won’t start up.

Before Blokada version 4.5.2:

If you don’t have other VPN connection, check in Blokada if Watchdog is enabled in the App settings menu, and if yes, check if you are connected to the internet either with wifi or with mobile data. Blokada won’t start if the Watchdog is enabled and you don’t have active internet connection.

If it doesn’t help, restart your phone, it also helps sometimes.