How to activate Connect on Demand on iOS

Activating Connect on Demand will cause your system to keep the app running at all times, and start it on boot.

To do so first go to your System Settings and scroll down to General:

In General settings select VPN:

and tap on BLOKADA:

Finally select Connect on Demand option:


@tomash Hello! I’ve installed Blokada Preview on my device (I’m learning how it works and does things). I’m unable to see Blokada on System Settings > VPN, even though I have opened it a few times. Is this because I’m running the Preview version, or am I missing something? Thanks! :pray:t2:

Hello there,
What exactly are you talking about?
There’s no blokada preview version.

Hi there! Sure there is! If you open the Blokada Xcode project, click the scheme popup and see that there is a Preview item there. This was the only Blokada scheme I could get to compile for some reason. I don’t remember exactly what was the issue, but I can look again.

You shouldn’t be compiling from source unless you’re a developer. For iOS simply install from the App Store.

Re: “You shouldn’t be compiling from source unless you’re a developer”. I have no idea what you mean by that. I am a developer, have an Apple Developer account and I’m trying to learn how Blokada works. I’m curious as to why Blokada isn’t being shown in the VPN settings, which is kinda orthogonal to your reply.

It’s not showing because you haven’t compiled the release version. Please post what the errors are that you encountered with compiling, and if possible put it in a new thread within the developer section of the forums as this thread is not really the right place for it.

Understood. I did post my question in the dev section. Thanks for the help!